Sheila Robinson has created a dynamic and surprising image here – it is a picture within a picture. Here she shows a small selection of a room and a view which, presumably, she must have known well. The aspect is at once ordinary and extraordinary. The solid, matter-of-fact calendar marks another day with crisp clarity, whilst the otherwise bare walls are animated by broad and expressive marks. The view from the window becomes a dynamic jumble of forms which leads the eye, via pleasing shapes and patterns, to the focus: the church tower which, considering the precision of the date, strangely lacks a clock face.

Chosen by Ed Kluz, Artist, as part of Random Spectacular, the 2020 exhibition at The Fry.

Presented by Mr Nigel Sharp.

Thank you to everyone who purchased the Ravilious Handkerchief, featured last week and sold in aid of the Gallery’s building fund. It sold out in 48 hours, but is available to pre-order HERE, with delivery expected within 5 weeks.