EXHIBITION: Mr & Mrs Ravilious; 7 April - 27 October 2019

Mr & Mrs Ravilious, The Fry Art Gallery's main exhibition for 2019, will be devoted to the work of Eric Ravilious and his wife Tirzah, two artists whose lives were both prematurely cut short. Eric died in 1942, aged 39, while serving as a war artist; Tirzah (née Garwood) died in 1951, aged 42. Despite this, they have a unique place in 20th century art and the exhibition tells the story of their artistic life together, presenting the parallels in their work and the influence they had on each other's creativity. In what will be a very insightful and eclectic collection, it will be the first time that the careers and work of Ravilious and Garwood have been seen from this fascinating and intertwined personal perspective. Over 150 items will be on display including watercolours, oils, ceramics, marbled papers, box constructions and wood engravings, together with two fine oil portraits of Eric and Tirzah. Works from the North West Essex Collection will sit alongside generous loans from private collections. As some of the artworks have rarely, if ever, been on public display before, this exciting exhibition promises not only to have a unique focus on the lives of Ravilious and Garwood as a couple, but will also be an intriguing discovery of some of their previously unseen work.

"Iron Bridge at Ewenbridge", watercolour 1941-42 by Eric Ravilious (1903 - 1942)